Welcome To Mavec

Registered with the SEC in July 1991 as the MAVEC Specialists Foundation, Inc., it is the product of the vision of five alumnae (from whose initials MAVEC was coined) of the University of the Philippines College of Education. MAVEC opened its doors to clients initially offering programs and services pursuant to its incorporators’ fields of expertise. As new opportunities unfolded, new programs were developed under the inspiration and direction of its president, Dr. Cervera. Seminars and workshops, consultancies on human resource development, administration and evaluation were added to the original education, counseling, psychological testing and research. It is presently servicing academic, industrial, corporate and other institutions both from the government and the private sectors. MAVEC is included in the Directory of the ASEAN NGOs Community Resources under Code PHI 17 and in the mailing list of the United Nations Drug Control Programme (UNDCP).

Our Clients