The Bioprofile is designed to validate information provided by the psychological tests. It can beused for the following purposes: screening of job applicants; evaluation of employees forpromotion; job placement of employees within the organization; and, career counseling.

The Bioprofile consists of three parts:

Part I, gives the demographic profile of the examinee: his/her name, age, gender, civil status, highest educational attainment, job title and position, number of years in his/her present job/company, and number of years that he/she has been working.

Part II, the examinee is asked to freely express his/her feelings, opinions and thoughts about his/her job, goals in life, co-workers and workplace. He/she is asked to complete twenty sentences covering his/her working life.

Part III, he/she is asked to make a description of his/her career/work and of himself/herself as a career person/worker, touching the following points: family background; educational background and other qualifications; job history; work habits, attitudes and values; achievement and failures; and, future plan.

Administration: The instrument can be administered individually and to a group. Length of time of accomplishing the instrument depends on the individual examinee. It takes, however, an average of thirty (30) minutes to accomplish the Bioprofile.