Career Personality Questionnaire

Working people spend at least one-half of their waking hours in the workplace. As such, the bulk of career people share personality configurations as a result of their common experiences in the workplace. Since the basic  personality type approved by each work group is composed of traits that contribute to the successful adjustment  of  members of the group  to  its  particular and unique life pattern, personality requirements  by  the  world  of  work was consulted in the development of the Career Personality Questionnaire (CPQ). The personality requirements of employers in the job advertisements they posted in the internet and in the major daily newspapers were listed. The list composed the items of the first draft of the CPQ. The CPQ was developed to help employers assess the career personality of individuals seeking to join their company. It was also designed to help people look into their personality and see if they can adjust to the social, professional, psycho-emotional environment of the workplace they intend to join and/or meet the requirements of the job they would like to get into. It seeks to help  meet  the  need  for  local  assessment  tools  which  are  attuned  to  our  own  culture  and personality.

Since our personality types have been shown to affect so much of our lives, it is only natural that they also impact what drives us at work (Bakkes, 2005). The measurement of career personality then cannot be underestimated. It gives us insight on what drives people at work.