Filipino Family Relationship Scale

The value of the role of families in nation building cannot be underestimated. Children come from families and that they are to become future leaders and key players in the shaping of society.

How can one then identify families who need help? What are the indicators of such need? Carandang (1987) has aptly stated that the child can be a “family barometer”. This statement implies that even at an early age the child can already show indicators of the relationship she or he has.

In as much as it is the family that shapes the child's environment, the school can at a very early stage come in and assist in making this environment more worthwhile. Minuchin(1974) wrote that when the structure of the family is transformed, the position of the members of the group are altered accordingly. As a result, each individual experience changes.

Therefore, there is a need for a tool to measure the kind of relationship existing in families, hence, The Filipino Family Relationship Scale (FFRS).

The FFRS is a valid and reliable pictorial scale for measuring children's perceptions of family relationships. It consists of sixty-six (66) pictures designed to measure a child's perception of the four relationship dimensions in the family, namely: Togetherness, Nurturance and Affection, Communication and Discipline.