More than a Diary

The MTD workbook consists of 46 projectives questions and instructions. The exercise are neatly categorized inyo six factors such as sel-esteem, family perception, fantasy, attitudes and values, feelings and creativity.

Playful borders and child-like visual images are intended to make the chore of answering the questions more exciting and less clinical. Hand written text was used in most pages instead of the traditional print type. The reason for this is to evoke a free and spontaneous response without the child worrying about the correctness of answers. Likewise, the topics are as balanced as possible touching on the different facets of a child.

The MTD as an assessment tool taps the emotional and personal issues that are important to the child at that particular stage of his or her own development. However, it also taps the creative potential of the child to cope with these personal issues. This is facilitated through art, confrontation, fantasy, articulation and appreciation of self and others. The subjective and projective nature of the MTD leaves the interpreter wide flexibility in processing and interpreting the response of the child.