Orias - Emotional Intelligence Inventory

The Emotional Intelligence Inventory for tertiary Students (O-EII) is designed to determine the college students’ level of emotional capacity. The inventory consists of 70 items and it takes approximately 20-30 minutes to accomplish it.

Human experiences have proven that in that shaping of decisions and actions, feelings count very much often more that thought does. The schools have gone too far in emphasizing the value and import of the purely rational, but intelligence can come to nothing when emotions hold sway.

Failures, frustrations, losses, suffering and pains are inevitable occurrences may prove futile. The need for better understanding of the interpersonal skills can help the students overcome these vicissitudes.

Emotional Intelligence as it is meant in the inventory is the ability of the college student to understand himself, regulate his own emotion, motivate himself, and to empathize with the feelings of others.

The Orias-Emotional Intelligence Inventory, consisting of 70 items, is designed to determine the college students’ level of emotional capacity.  Emotional Intelligence of college students is measured in terms of the scores that they obtain in the different components of the inventory. The components of the inventory include Taking Responsibility, Handling Relationships, Personal Autonomy, Knowing One’s Emotion, Creativity, Empathy, and Self-Restraint.