Panukat ng Katalinuhang Pilipino

The Panukat ng Katalinuhang Pilipino(PKP)is a test designed to measure the mental ability of a Filipino adult whose age-range is 16 years and above, on the basis of his verbal and non–verbal skills. It is made up of four subtests each separately timed and measures the following aspects of human intelligence:

  • Talasalitaan ( Vocabulary )A test of a bility to deal with words and their meaning as used in a sentence.
  • Ugnayan ( Analogy )A test of skill in perceiving relationships
  • Kakayahan sa mga bilang ( Numerical Ability )A test proficiency along application of basic mathematical concepts and process in various problem solving situations within the sphere of Filipino experiences.
  • Isinalarawang Problema ( Abstract Reasoning )