Paternal Role Survey

At the break of the new millennium, the concept of father is evolving. Aside from the traditional title as the “breadwinner of the family”, paternal role has shifted to other titles to achieve the recognition of a successful father. Psychologists nowadays are increasingly reaching the conclusion that fathers, as well as mothers, influence the children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. However, the contribution of fathers over and above that of mothers is not yet well documented.

It is a known fact that mothers and fathers have diverse influence to the welfare and well-being of children.

The Philippines has been identified as a country that is inclined to be maternal in nature and since then there has been a lot of interest that evolved between mother and child relationship. It is high time that the focus of our attention be shifted to fathers.

The recognition of father’s contributions has been exposed due to policy makers and researcher’s discovering that children need a father’s influence to develop into productive members of the society.