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School Admissions Testing
Guidance and Counseling


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Human Resource Administration

  • Job design
  • Wage and salary administration
  • Job placement
  • Productivity improvement
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Community Extension Services

  • Anti-Drug and Substance Abuse Education
  • Livelihood Training
  • Adult Education
  • Entrepreneurial Training
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Human Resource Development

  • Work Ethics
  • Supervisory /Management Skills Training
  • Values Clarification/Formation/Reinforcement
  • Career Planning
  • Stress/Time Management
  • Self-awareness and Self-management
  • Assertiveness Training
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Human Resource Evaluation

  • Performance Appraisal
  • Baseline Surveys
  • Market Researches
  • Motivational Studies
  • Productivity Studies
  • Psychological Testing
  • Test Development and Validation
  • Client Reaction Surveys
  • Organized Diagnosis
  • Job Diagnosis/Audit
  • Assessment of Organized Climate/Culture
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Research and Publication

  • Psychological Research
  • Industrial Research
  • Educational Research
  • Operations Research
  • Clearing house of local publications in counseling and in human resource development, management and evaluation
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To be one of the lead institutions in the field of human resource development, evaluation and administration in the ASEAN.