Work Habits, Attitude and Productivity Scale for Employee

The WHAPS is an instrument designed to measure a person’s work habits and attitudes, as well as the factors that contribute to his /her productivity. It can be used for:

  • recruitment
  • Career counseling/pathing for students
  • Organizational  diagnosis
  • Tool for gathering baseline data in designing school/company programs

WHAPS-CS is a 60-items test used to help assess the competencies and function of the students in a rapidly changing work environment. Its subscales are: Concentration (C+) VS Lack of Concentration (C-), External Motivation (EM) VS Internal Motivation (IM), Productivity (P+) VS Lack of Productivity (P-), Job Satisfaction (JS) VS Job Dissatisfaction (JD), and Cool-Organized Worker (COW) VS Hyper-Other Organized Worker (HOW).